Voodoo 2009 Highball 4000 Crash Pad

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Out of the Bag:
Looks: 5
Construction: 5
Padding: 5
Size: 5

Final: 5

5 - You better get this before you're the last loser on the planet without one
4 - You know that kid that you went to school with that smelled like used diapers, had perpetual big neon-green boogers and never brushed his teeth? You'll be that kid if you don't get this
3 - It's alright. Your parents might even think it's cool
2 - I like it, no, I hate it...no, actually I like it but sometimes I hate it
1 - Worse than getting kicked in the balls/boobies and tossed headfirst into a port-a-jon

Flagstaff, AZ based crash pad and climbing hold company Voodoo has come out with a new version of their successful Highball 4000 crashpad. Built at a favorable dimension of 48"x41"x4", this pad is perfect for most bouldering heights - not overkill for that lowball and not too small for that 10+ foot sloper mantle.

I received my red velvet 4000 a couple weeks ago straight from the hands and hot off the press from the Voodoo fabulous duo - Gina and Frank. Packaged like a Sherman tank, this thing looked like a life-size SpongeBob SquarePants in a body bag. I had it shipped to my office and that thing caught the eyes of every passerby. It is hot.

The newest addition and biggest change to the 4000 this year are the Voodoo stamped metal buckles. While I had little to no concern with the prior 4000 plastic buckles, I guess Voodoo thought it was maybe time to satisfy the metal-buckle-heads. The closure is tight for worry-free jamming of shoes, chalk and whatever else can be rammed into it. The buckles are laid out with two closing the long side and one on the top and bottom.

Another new development I noticed over my last 4000 was the density of the foam. The "...top & bottom layer of 1/2" closed cell foam for force dissipation and 3" of open cell foam for energy absorption" provides a pretty unique landing pad. It almost feels like landing on a fuzzy, gelatinous love pod that really gives you no reason to be afraid of falling.

Being that this pad has only had 2 weekend trips out since it was made less than a month ago, it was a little stiff to fold into its taco-style design. When you release the buckles, you're guaranteed a super flat and seamless bed to bail on. Voodoo claims that their pad will outlast the competitors...I can't imagine this foam wearing out and getting soft for a really long time.

Construction is bomber. Indestructible 1680d ballistic nylon shell (the toughest), industrial grade upholstery fabric landing zone and bar tack reinforcements make this a bad ass pad.

The real love for the 4000 is of something that Voodoo has long shown in it's 17+ years, originality and what they call "unapologetic style." I'm not exaggerating when everyone looks at my pad and says something about how pimp the 4000 is.

When Voodoo came out with a pad in the early 2000's, you knew that it was going to be good; and still, almost a decade later, I won't be going back to any other pad...and now I probably won't ever have to.

In case you haven't already, check out Voodoo Here and read up on why these guys are the bomb.

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