FiveTen Dæscent

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Out of the Box :

Comfort: 5 - Think bedroom slippers
Fit: 4 - a little loose
Cost Vs. Value: 3 - could be a little less expensive
Overall Form and Function: 4
Stars: 4

In a nutshell: "Quality and dependability that you'd expect from FiveTen. Super sticky and sensitive sole and uberlight."

It's been almost a year since I got my Dæscents and it's only now that I'm realizing how much I like them. I think it's because when FiveTen decided to make these bad boys, they were a step ahead of their time.

Based out of Redlands, CA, the guys at FiveTen have been graying the lines of what started as a climbing shoe company in 1986 and stretching themselves across a variety of human powered sports. Today, their shoes have set a unique standard in footwear for climbing, paddling, freeriding, trailrunning, approach/hiking, freerunning and parkour. The Dæscent's were created with the latter 3 in mind. This is what FiveTen had to say about their shoe:

Designed as a lightweight, casual off-road shoe, the Dæscent pushes the envelope of technology by utilizing Stealth Mystique™ rubber compound and a new manufacturing process that extends the sole into a thin toe and rand wrap to protect the forefoot. The new ultra-lightweight shoe has a dual-density EVA midsole and synthetic, micro-fiber mesh upper that is exceptionally durable and quick-drying, with plenty of breathability for hot days on the trail.
My first impressions of the Dæscents were not really what I expected. I had a pair of their Guide approach shoes and 2 pairs of their Impacts freeriding shoe from before, as well a pair of Martinis from La Sportiva. When FiveTen was talking about "ultra-lightweight," they weren't kidding. These are lighter than my flip-flops and that's no exaggeration. I initially didn't like them because of this and felt them to be a bit non-supportive. I pretty much pigeon holed them to straight up technical approaches and multi-pitch climbs where light and compressibility is more appropriate.

Sensitivity is huge in the Dæscents, as well as flex and twist. Think of these shoes as a step above some Sanuks (covered sandals) and a step below the Guides (FiveTens' standard approach shoe). I've worn these shoes scrambling in talus, short approaches, rope guiding, bouldering, buildering and just chillin' around town.

Despite FiveTen's statement of designing a "casual off-road shoe," they have video of their athletes doing some wickedly, non-casual things. I personally wouldn't wear them for freerunning or parkour (nor do I think I have the ability), I just don't think they have enough support for me to be hucking myself through downtown streets and buildings.

The fit of the Dæscents are recommended to be your true foot size. That is, your toes should be closer to the end than your average shoe to benefit from the sensitivity. The dual density EVA midsole made for a comfy bed for your foot while the synthetic micro-fiber mesh upper keeps your feet airy and seems to help a bit in retaining their shape and not blowing or stretching out around the toes; the rubber wrap around the toe box helps reinforce this.

All in all, the
Dæscents are a pretty snazzy shoe with a lot of potential. I wouldn't recommend them for everyone, but if you're looking for a super light, super sticky and oh-so-comfy approach shoe, then you might want to try them out.

See you out there,