The New Deuter Pace 30

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Light as a feather stiff as a board. To anyone that has done team building activities, this statement might make you cringe. To the uninitiated, imagine someone standing on a wooden platform 10 feet off the deck with 6 people waiting to catch them screaming, “Keep your back stiff as a board and imagine yourself light as a feather!”

This statement also holds true for ultra lightweight backpacks. On one hand, you want your pack to be light (light as feather); on the other hand you want it to be able to carry a load without feeling like you're strapped to a backboard (stiff as a board). With this in mind, I decided to try out a new Deuter pack called the Pace 30.

When I first picked the pack up, I realized it easily met my first requirement of being light as a feather (2lbs) while still having a lot of sweet features - a vented waste belt with goo stash pouch, gear loop as well as a front panel roomy enough for a helmet - making this pack an excellent, jack of all trades.

Since the pack screamed "DO IT ALL," I decided to test it doing a couple of different activities - an approach hike and climbing. I was hoping to test it with more climbing but our “hike” turned into a full on bushwhack, “If you are curious the approach was rated a BW3+. We're talking a full on alder vaulting, black berry bush, and things that go F*** in the night experience.” Even at about 25lbs, I barely noticed the pack while doing my best Rambo impression through the brush, “Sorry for jumping on you Dan I was little caught up in the moment. This is primarily due to the tensioned Delrin U-frame stay system that adds just enough stiffness (stiff as a board perhaps?) to keep the weight on your hips while still being super flexible.

The pack is super streamlined and compresses down easily which allowed me to stalk my prey…I mean follow my partner without getting snagged on limbs or anything else that goes bump in the night. In the end, the fabric held up better then I did. I don’t know if this was due to the bombproof Hexlite 210 fabric or the fact that my face took the brunt of the abuse. Either way, this pack held up so well that Sylvester Stallone would be impressed. This versatility and durability at $99 dollars makes this pack a must have for Spring 2010.

Pro’s: Lightweight, durable, and affordable makes this all-arounder appropriate for all your alpine endeavors from fast and light alpine climbing to back country skiing, “Yes it does carry skis!!!”

Con’s: I don’t know. The fact that it isn’t called the Jack of All 30 or the Rambo 30. Or maybe the fact that I have to give this back to the rep and won’t be able to acquire my own until Spring 2010.

Bonus: My friend Dan likes this pack. Dan never likes anything. Enough said.

Specs: 2lbs Capacity 30L MSRP: $99.00

Associate Blogger Jeremy Park can be found hiding in the alpine ranges of the Pacific Northwest and occasionally ditches a day of work to return from his adventures. As a crusty contradiction, he enjoys ice and rock of all types and more importantly, lives for general tomfoolery.